Equity Finance Mortgage. EFM is a home loan that makes property ownership more affordable. Introducing the new Equity Finance Mortgage (EFM) Brought to you by Adelaide Bank and Rismark International
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Awarded Best New Product of the Year by Mortgage Magazine in 2007

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The most innovative lending product in 15 years
Under an Equity Finance Mortgage (EFM), you do not need to make any monthly interest or principal repayments until you choose to repay the loan. In combination with a traditional mortgage, EFMs® can be used to:

  Reduce the upfront and ongoing costs of buying a home by up to 25% or more
  Reduce your monthly repayments by up to 25% or more
  Buy up to a 25% or more valuable home

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Rismark's EFM has not only been attracting the attention of brokers and borrowers, Your Mortgage magazine selected the EFM as 'Best New Product of the Year in 2007' while Money...


EFM product reaps accolades
Mortgage Professional Australia
December 26, 2008

Copyright 2008 Rismark International. All rights reserved. Fees, charges, terms, conditions and lending criteria apply. Full details are available on application. EFM loans have been developed by and will be provided by Rismark International Funds Management Ltd ABN 15 114 530 139 AFS licence number 293881 (trading as Rismark International) ('Rismark', 'we', 'us' or 'our'). EFM loans are offered in conjunction with certain traditional home loans offered by approved lenders and their originators. Rismark has appointed Adelaide Bank Ltd ABN 54 061 461 550 AFS licence number 240516('Adelaide Bank') as an approved lender. Adelaide Bank and its originators ('Adelaide Bank originators') will distribute and manage EFM loans. Rismark has consented to Adelaide Bank and Adelaide Bank originators branding EFM loans as Adelaide Bank or Adelaide Bank originator-branded EFM loans. Rismark may over time also appoint other financial institutions to distribute and manage EFM loans. Rismark has appointed Permanent Custodians Limited ACN 001 426 384 ('Permanent') as lender of record, custodian and mortgagee for Rismark. This means Permanent will enter into the EFM loan contract and Mortgage on behalf of Rismark.(R) Equity Finance Mortgage (EFM) and EFM are registered trade marks of ARES Capital Management Pty Limited ABN 93 113 861 046. TM Equity Finance Mortgage is a pending trade mark of ARES Capital Management Pty Limited ABN 93 113 861 046. ARES Capital Management Pty Limited's ABN 93 113 861 046 intellectual property relating to the EFM product is protected by Australian Innovation Patent Numbers 2005100 871, 2005100 869, 2005100 868, 2005100 867, 2005100 865, 2005100 864, 2007100 445, and 2007100 448.

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